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Comprehensive solutions to suit your testing needs

Assays and Automation

Global Provider of Diagnostic Test Kits and Instruments

Eurofins Technologies is rebranded to Gold Standard Diagnostics as of the 1st of December, 2022. This change reflects our recent evolution and the further ambitions to become an innovative and trusted solution provider for all our stakeholders, and to simplify and improve customer experience.

The Gold Standard Diagnostics brand was already established for our clinical product line a few years ago, and we are now extending this branding to our entire test kit, reagent and instrument development and manufacturing business. We are becoming one strong and unified team, under the same name and branding, across businesses, regions and applications.

The new Gold Standard Diagnostics group is a global provider of fast, reliable, and easy to use diagnostic test kits and instruments in the fields of bioanalytical testing for the food, feed, environmental, biopharma, and clinical industries.

We are engaged in the innovative development, quality manufacturing, and the outstanding commercialization of diagnostic solutions. Our aim is to be at the forefront of what the laboratories need, and we are committed to delivering best-in-class assays and services to our vast network worldwide.

The in-house R&D teams have expertise in developing a wide range of innovative methods and applications to meet the testing needs of both research and industry. Our experts are able to customize programs to serve specific needs with competitive pricing and high quality standards.

The new brand name underlines our ambition to provide Gold Standard, the best possible laboratory diagnostic solutions with all our applications.

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Comprehensive diagnostic solutions improve lab efficiency and minimize overall costs. We offer precise, compact and cost-efficient instruments, supported by outstanding customer service.

Our equipment range includes innovative and customizable ELISA analyzers, along with a portable ELISA and Lateral Flow assay reader, all of which is compatible with our analytical test kits. We are delighted to provide one of the most complete, integrated, and innovative test offerings in the market.


The webshop offers a quick and convenient solution to discover our full product range in the fields of bioanalytical testing for food, feed, environment and water and animal health, and to order your kits, reagents and consumables online.

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