Animal Species
Animal Species

Animal Species

Animal species identification in food and feed products has grown in importance due to public health, economic and legal concerns. Even religious and ethical criteria can be at risk in the case of food adulteration.

In order to verify the authenticity of products, food testing laboratories need reliable methods, These specific methods can, for example, determine whether expensive meat or dairy products such as turkey meat or buffalo mozzarella are substituted with lower priced products such as chicken meat or cow milk. For vegetarian or vegan food, the presence of traces of animal products need to be ruled out.

DNAnimal kits

The DNAnimal product line offers a broad spectrum of sensitive real-time PCR kits for the most domestic animal species as well as specific applications like halal testing or animal species.

Most DNAnimal kits detect the species or taxonomic group in question with a sensitivity of 0.01%. Some specific kits (e.g. the DNAnimal Ident Pig HS) detecting mitochondrial targets are even more sensitive.

DNAnimal Screen

  • Kits cover different taxonomic groups
  • Application for various food and feed relevant testing strategies, i.e. to test vegan or vegetarian food

DNAnimal Ident

  • For identifying or excluding individual animal species

Key benefits

  • Kits are validated on the most important cyclers
  • Contain an IPC (internal positive control) to exclude false-negative results
  • Have undergone extensive specificity and sensitivity validation
  • Produce robust and reliable results
  • DNA extraction kits available for different matrices
  • Animal species DNA as positive control DNA and meat testing standards with defined percentages are additionally available

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