Cyanotoxins & Marine Toxins
Cyanotoxins & Marine Toxins

Cyanotoxins & Marine Toxins

Cyanotoxins & Marine Toxins

Algal toxins, including cyanotoxins and marine biotoxins, can cause illness and death in humans and animals. Gold Standard Diagnostics offers ABRAXIS® ELISA plate and lateral flow test strip kits for the detection and quantification of fresh and marine water algal toxins to support rapid and informed decision-making about the potential public health threat of cyanotoxins and marine biotoxins. The test kits were designed to support public water systems, lake managers, the shellfish industry, government agencies, communities and researchers requiring near real time answers.

Client Success Story: Detection of Cyanotoxins in Austrian Fresh Water Lakes


Algal Toxin ELISA Test Kits

Our ELISA plate kits allow algal toxin testing to be performed in-house, providing accurate, quantitative results within a few hours. Advantages include:

  • Rapid, laboratory-based analysis
  • Quantitative results
  • Answers in ~2-4 hours, not day
  • Simple methodology requires only basic lab skills
  • Fully automated analyzers available
  • Improves turnaround by eliminating delays associated with sample shipment for offsite analysis


Algal Toxin Lateral Flow Test Strips

Our lateral flow test strip kits are simple to use and provide qualitative answers in less than an hour. Because they do not require complex or costly equipment, they are ideal for field-based and on-site screening applications including volunteer monitoring. Other advantages include:

  • Rapid screening for on-site decisions
  • Semi-quantitative/qualitative results
  • Answers in <1 hour
  • No prior lab experience required
  • Field-friendly: no complex or costly equipment required
  • Kits conveniently stored at room temperature


Algal Toxin Standards

We offer a wide range of algal toxin standards and QC materials to ensure accurate results. Regardless of your analytical method, our algal toxin standards and QC materials can help to ensure the accuracy of your results. We offer a variety of labeled and unlabeled analytical standards, as well as certified standards for toxins including:

  • Anatoxin-a
  • BMAA
  • Cylindrospermopsin
  • Microcystin
  • Nodularin
  • Saxitoxin


Algal Toxin Proficiency Testing Programs

Gold Standard Diagnostics' trusted Algal Toxin Proficiency Testing Programs satisfy the increasing international demand for conformity assessment in the field of algal toxin analysis and provide an independent assessment of your laboratory’s performance, giving you confidence in your lab’s ability to deliver quality results to your customers as part of your overall testing program.


Online purchase of the Cyanotoxins & Marine Toxins products is available only from Europe or Asia.
US customers shall contact Gold Standard Diagnostics Horsham directly via e-mail or phone +1-215-357-3911.