Patulin ELISA 96-test kit

The Patulin ELISA is an immunoassay for the detection of the mycotoxin Patulin, that commonly affects pome fruits (apples, pears). This test is suitable for the quantitative and/or qualitative detection of Patulin in contaminated samples including apple juice, apple cider, applesauce and orange juice.

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For juice processors, infant food producers and food laboratories requiring faster turnaround times and quantitative test results for Patulin, a harmful mycotoxin found in fruits, fruit juices and more.
The Patulin ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) 96 micro-well test kits help identify patulin contamination in juice production on-site and can benefit juice companies by saving time and costs for the quality and fast control of products through the entire juice production/food chain supporting informed decision-making.

Key Benefits of Patulin ELISA Analysis
• Rapid, laboratory-based analysis - answers in 3-4 hours for up to 41 samples
• Applications for apple juice, apple cider, applesauce and orange juice (contact us for additional
fruit juice/products)
• Test Kit Range – 7.0 ppb to 300 ppb
• Low per test cost
• Simple sample extraction
• Highest quality antibody with excellent affinity, specificity
• Meets global regulatory action levels
• Improves turnaround by eliminating delays associated with sample shipment for offsite analysis
• Tests operate with standard lab equipment, microplate readers

Our Patulin ELISA plate kits include materials and reagents for sample derivatization and analysis.

Part Number Product Description
500106 Patulin ELISA 96-test kit
Additional Products (if needed)
301102 Patulin Standard & Control Set
301103  Patulin Derivatization Set

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn more about how to use the Patulin ELISA Test Kit for the detection of Patulin in contaminated samples.

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