SENSIStrip AFLA 100 det.

SENSIStrip AFLA is a lateral flow test kit intended for the quantitative analysis of total aflatoxins in cereals, nuts, feed and feed components. The kit contains all necessary reagents and procedures to run 100 determinations.

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SENSIStrip AFLA is a single-step lateral flow immunochromatographic assay based on a competitive format. The strip is placed in a microwell with the sample extract, and the specific antibody-gold complex (tracer) is released. When the liquid flows through the strip, the antibody competes with the aflatoxin present in the sample and aflatoxin on the nitrocellulose membrane. The intensity of colour of the test line is inversely proportional to the amount of aflatoxin in the sample. Any unbound tracer flows to the control line, which must always develop to ensure the strip is functioning properly. The RapidScan ST5-W reader is required to obtain the final concentration of total aflatoxins in the sample in parts per billion (ppb).

  • Analysable materials: corn, wheat, sorghum, brown rice, barley (with hull), oat groats, cows feed, soybean, peanut, corn gluten meal (CGM).
  • Sample preparation: grinding, extraction, centrifugation or filtration, dilution with buffer.
  • Assay time: 2 minutes; 4 minutes for soybean

Measuring range:
  • corn, sorghum, barley, oat groats: 1.5 – 500 ppb (two runs for covering the range)
  • wheat, brown rice: 2.5 - 500 ppb (two runs for covering the range)
  • soybeans: 2 – 500 ppb (two runs for covering the range)
  • cows feed: 4 - 70 ppb (one run for covering the range)
  • peanut: 2 - 500 ppb (one run for covering the range)
  • corn gluten meal (CGM): 3 – 70 ppb (one run for covering the range)
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