SENSIPure Aflatoxin Total IAC

Immunoaffinity column with monoclonal antibody for the quantification of Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 in food and feed samples.


These columns in 3 mL format allows the purification and cleaning of sample extracts to gain a specific, sensitive and equipment gently measurement.

Sample extracts will be diluted and applied on the column, where the monoclonal antibody bind the toxins. A washing step removes interfering matrix components. Via elution with organic solvent the Aflatoxins will be removed from the column. After dilution an extract is ready for measurement.

Key Benefits:
  • Extended quality control
    • QC tests with matrix
  • Highly specific purification with monoclonal antibodies
  • Wide range of application for various matrices
    • Validated matrices: grain, nuts, dried fruit, spices and feed
  • Robust
  • 3 mL format suitable for liquid handling systems
  • Good flow behavior
Kit Specifications
Immunoaffinity Column
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