Microgen® Path-Chek® Listeria

Microgen® Path-Chek® Listeria (media only) for the rapid detection of Listeria from work surfaces and the processing environment.


Test principle of Path-Chek® Listeria:

  • Bacteria are recovered from the surface of food manufacturing or processing equipment using a pre-moistened swab, which is capable of neutralising commonly employed detergents and sanitisers.
  • The sample swab is then transferred into an organism specific media (swabs have a conveniently located break point so that they can easily be broken off into the growth media).
  • Path-Chek® Listeria are incubated at 25°C for 24-48 hours
  • If the specific target bacteria are present on the sample swabs, bacterial growth will cause the colour of the media to change.

Kit Specifications
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