SENSIStrip Brazil nut

Lateral-flow Device for the Determination of Brazil nut in Food and as Cleaning Control Monitoring


The SENSIStrip Brazil nut test is based on the principle of immunoassay. Brazil nut containing sample is given into a reactions vial containing biotinylated antibody directed against brazil nut proteins. After 3 minutes incubation at room temperature a test strip is placed into the reaction vial. The sample migrates along the nitrocellulose membrane by capillary forces. Along its way it releases gold nanoparticles conjugated to streptavidin. An antibody-gold complex is formed. For positive samples a red line is formed when the liquid reaches the test line area. In case of negative samples, no line is formed. In any case, above the test line area a red control line appears, indicating the validity of the test. The test is evaluated after another 5 minutes.

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Kit Specifications
Test principle
Immunochromatographic assay on strip
Analysable samples
Brazil nut residues in food matrices, rinse water and swabs
No. of tests
Product Attachments
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