Launch of iMAGo PREDigest to support the DNA isolation for matrices difficult to lyse


We are pleased to announce the launch of iMAGo PREDigest! This product is designed for the pre-treatment of difficult food and feed matrices, providing all reagents needed for an efficient lysis, prior to the DNA isolation procedure using iMAGo Food (Cat. No. 5524421001). This kit completes the whole DNA isolation portfolio of GSD; offering a manual (GeneSpin) and automated (iMAGo Food) solution with respective pre- and post-treatment offerings for difficult matrices (e.g. difficult to lyse or inhibitor-rich).

Key Benefits
  • Can be easily integrated into the sample lysis-step of iMAGo Food and the overall automated workflow
  • Vast list of validated matrices for iMAGo Food
  • Contains all reagents in one kit for 48 reactions

Download the DNA Isolation flyer for more information. You can order iMAGo PREDigest conveniently online. Should you have any questions related to this product or to the DNA isolation portfolio, all available for online purchase, just contact us today!

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