iMAGo Food 96 reactions

Test kit for automated, magnetic-bead based isolation of high-quality DNA from food and feed samples. Designed for use on open automated platforms like KingFisher™ Flex System and GSD Auto-Pure 96

When it comes to nucleic acid based analytical technologies, isolation of high quality DNA is a pre-requisite and at the same time a challenging and time-consuming step. Meeting the needs of a high-throughput laboratory, iMAGo Food offers an automated, magnetic-bead based technology to efficiently isolate genomic DNA from a high variety of food and feed sample matrices.

Key Benefits

• Recovery up to 180 μg of DNA when using raw matrices such as corn kernels*
• For use on open platforms such as KingFisher Flex System and GSD Auto-Pure 96
• Highest matrix variability being validated with one workflow
• Fully validated workflow with subsequent GMO Real-Time PCR systems
• Based on solvent-free chemistry

*DNA yield strongly depends on matrix type and grinding performance

Kit Specifications
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