Salmonid Vtg, ELISA, 480-test

Immunoassay for the detection of Salmonid Vitellogenin.

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"Immunoassay for the detection of Salmonid Vitellogenin. Detection of the yolk protein vitellogenin (Vtg) in plasma from juvenile or male fish is a simple and sensitive biomarker for endocrine disruptors with oestrogenic effects in fish. This kit contains a complete set of Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) reagents to be used for semi-quantitative detection of Vtg in plasma samples for fish. The assay is based on detection of Vtg by a monoclonal antibody, BN-5, raised against Vtg from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Due to cross-reactivity of the antibody with Vtg from other fish species, the assay may be used for detection of Vtg in plasma samples from a variety of other species including Salmoniformes, Pleuronectiformes and some Perciformes species (see user manual). A positive control, purified Vtg from atlantic salmon, is included in the kit. This assay is a semi-quantitative assay for Vtg, and it is not suitable for measuring absolute amounts of Vtg. The degree of cross-reactivity of the MAb BN-5 with Vtg from different fish species varies (see user guide), and the signals obtained with samples from different fish species are therefore not comparable."
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