Environmental Contaminants
Environmental Contaminants

Environmental Contaminants

Biomarkers, Pesticides and Industrial Chemicals

Water is the object of numerous environmental laws and regulations related not only to drinking water, but the entire water cycle including surface, ground, process and wastewater. Our rapid test kits can be used to test samples in-house, providing quicker result turnaround at a lower cost than sending samples out to a commercial lab for analytical testing.


Test Kits
  • We provide rapid, innovative, real time, field and lab-based solutions to test water and other sample matrices for:
  • Pesticides
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Biomarkers
Key Benefits
  • Multiple formats and applications to fit various objectives
  • Unmatched expertise in water testing
  • Innovative product portfolio


Online purchase of the Environmental Contaminants products is available only from Europe or Asia.
US customers shall contact Gold Standard Diagnostics Horsham directly via e-mail or phone +1-215-357-3911.