GMOIdent RT IPC (NR) DAS-44406-6/DAS-81419-2/DAS-68416-4 Soy

Real-time multiplex PCR kit for simultaneous identification of three different GMO soybean events (event DAS-44406-6, genetic modification of DAS-81419-2, event DAS-68416-4).
GMOIdent RT IPC (NR) DAS-44406-6/DAS-81419-2/DAS-68416-4 Soy is a highly specific and sensitive multiplex real-time PCR kit that reliably identifies three different genetically modified soybean events. Use this assay after positive CsVMV modification screening results or directly in the first level of your analysis to identify the three different GMOI soybeans.
To exclude false-negative results caused by inhibition of the real-time PCR, an internal positive control (IPC) is included in every reaction.

Specificity of the assay:

  • event DAS-44406-6 (DAS-444Ø6-6) soybean
  • genetic modification of DAS-81419-2 (DAS-81419-2) soybean
  • event DAS-68416-4 (DAS-68416-4) soybean

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