Cry1Ac/Cry2A combined ELISA kit

The Bollgard **II combination kit is used for the simultaneous qualitative detection of Cry1Ac and Cry2A protein in cotton leaf or seed samples with both analytes, measured in the same well of the assay plate. The format helps the laboratory to cut down workload by half thereby increasing productivity. The kit is ideally suited for testing large numbers of seed lots for Cry1Ac and Cry2A simultaneously.


Different quantities are also available in 50/100 plate formats. 
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In the test, cotton sample extracts are added to test wells coated with antibodies raised against Cry1Ac and Cry2A proteins. Any Cry1Ac or Cry2A protein present in the sample extract binds to the antibodies. This is detected by the addition of alkaline phosphatase - labeled Cry2A antibody or horseradish peroxidase-labeled Cry1Ac antibody. After a simple wash step, the results of the Cry2A assay are visualized via the addition of a pNPP substrate. Once the yellow color develops and is read, the wash step is repeated, and TMB substrate is added. The Cry1Ac results are visualized via the development of the resulting blue color which, subsequently, becomes yellow on the addition of stop solution.
Kit Specifications
AID 017
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