CP4EPSPS ELISA kit (Roundup Ready**/CP4) is intended to be used for the qualitative detection of CP4 in individual soybean, cotton or corn leaf/seed samples.


Different quantities are also available in 10/50/100 plate formats. 
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An antibody specific to the CP4 protein molecule is immobilized on the microwell plates and a second antibody specific for the CP4 molecule is conjugated with horseradish peroxidase (HRP). When sample extracts are added to the microtiter wells, the CP4 from the sample binds to the antibody immobilized in the well. This binding is subsequently detected by the addition of an enzyme-labeled antibody. After a washing step, the substrate is added. The enzymatic reaction and development of color are proportional to the amount of CP4 present in the sample. The reaction is terminated by the addition of the stop solution. Absorbance is then measured on a plate reader.
Kit Specifications
AID 011
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  • MSDS for Corn - CP4EPSPS (RR) ELISA kit AID 011

  • MSDS for Cotton - CP4EPSPS (RR) ELISA kit AID 011

  • MSDS for SoyBean - CP4EPSPS (RR) ELISA kit AID 011

  • Instruction for Use - AID 011 CP4 EPSPS ELISA GSD