BACGro Fluid Thioglycollate Medium, Bagged Jar / 100ml

BACGroTM Fluid Thioglycollate Medium prepared media is intended for laboratory use as a general non-selective growth media for a wide variety of organisms. It is not intended for use in diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease in humans. BACGroTM Fluid Thioglycollate Medium conforms to harmonized USP/EP/JP performance requirements

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Fluid Thioglycollate Medium is a general-purpose medium that supports the growth of both aerobic bacteria as well as anaerobic bacteria without the use of an anaerobic chamber. The inclusion of reducing agents lowers the oxygen content of the broth. The medium also contains a small amount of agar that results in an oxygen gradient from the top to the bottom. This allows obligate aerobes and obligate anaerobes to grow in the same sample- obligate aerobes will grow at the top of the medium while obligate anaerobes will be able to grow in the bottom of the tube. Facultative organisms may grow throughout the medium. Casein Peptone and Yeast Extract provide the nitrogen source, along with essential vitamins for growth. The oxidation-reduction potentials of the medium are lowered by Sodium Thioglycollate and L-Cystine. Resazurin acts as the oxidation indicator and will turn pink in the presence of oxygen. Dextrose is included as a carbon source while sodium chloride maintains osmotic balance. The addition of agar limits the diffusion of oxygen throughout media.

Kit Specifications
Formulation (per Liter)

Casein Peptone 15.0 g
Yeast Extract 5.0 g
Dextrose 5.5 g
Sodium Chloride 2.5 g
L-Cystine 0.5 g
Resazurin 0.001 g
Agar 0.75 g
Sodium Thioglycollate 0.5 g
Total 29.75 g/L

2-25 °C
Bacillus spp., Clostridia, General Growth, Mesophilic & Thermophilic Spoilage, Pseudomonas spp., Staphylococci
Product Attachments
  • Instruction for Use - PLM3200 Rev 02 Fluid Thioglycollate Medium, Prepared