Supporting the routine: a bundle of instruments, services, training and test kits


Immunochemical plate-based assays have been widely used since decades for the screening of several contaminants in food and feedstuff. Their cost efficiency, ease of use, and high analytical capability have allowed industries and laboratories to become more and more confident with and accustomed to this technology.

With ready-to-be-used reagents, simple procedures and illustrated protocols, manual execution is simple, while efforts by developers to release robust and reliable immunoassays facilitate relatively consistent performances. Nevertheless, having one robot run ELISA tests automatically has the undeniable advantage of decreasing the work pressure on laboratory personnel, increasing performance standardisation – over time, among people and eventually between sites – and avoiding any accidental mistakes that may happen during routine manual assay implementation.

Therefore, automatic analyzers have been offered to food and feed industries, official controllers and service laboratories for years. However, experience has shown that to reap the benefit of automation features, certain conditions must be met:

  • Validated protocols arranged for each individual ELISA of interest;
  • Proper maintenance programmes followed to keep the working standards of the machine;
  • Adequate training and prompt assistance must be provided to any team using an automatic analyzer.

Gold Standard Diagnostics offers the food and feed manufacturing chain a customised, comprehensive and high-quality solution comprising a bundle of instruments, analytical kits and services to bring a real, consistent and tangible value to our customers’ facilities.
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  • The BoltTM and ThunderBolt® EIA analyzers are smart, compact, LIMS compatible, and highly precise open systems that are able to automatically manage all the steps of any plate-based assay, from premixing to final data handling. Fully traceable and uncorruptible data reports are key features.
  • The robots can host any enzyme assay. For the test kits provided by Gold Standard Diagnostics, automatic protocols have already been prepared, checked and validated to control the performance conformity, the absence of any drift effect, and the lack of carry-over and cross-contamination risk under intermediate reproducibility conditions. Methods are hence ready-to-be-transferred to the customer’s instrument, while customised methods can be developed and validated following your specifications.
  • Training, routine maintenance and support are provided with pre-aligned, transparent plans and premium packages to ensure the service and prevent any unplanned disruption. A team of biochemistry and engineering experts is in place to provide full customisation, training, support and service for both the EIA kits and the instruments in every EU country.

Are you interested in our instrumentation solution? Visit The BoltTM or ThunderBolt® product pages for more information about the instruments and services, or contact us today!

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