Reduce costs and improve accuracy in canine allergy diagnostics, applying a solution including INgezim PLEX reagents and automation with Hailstorm!


We are pleased to announce our new solution for dogs’ allergy diagnostics including both reagents and automation! The Canine INgezim PLEX Environmental and Food Sensitization kits, based on indirect ELISA Micro-arrays, result in significant cost & time reduction and enhanced accuracy compared to conventional methods or outsourcing testing to third parties. The kits simultaneously measure the semi-quantitative level of 30 (environmental) and 22 (food) allergen-specific IgE in canine serum.

Download the Dog Allergy Diagnostics flyer for more information. You can also purchase the kits conveniently online.

Meet The Hailstorm® Analyzer

To automate your testing processes, we offer Hailstorm®, our own 2-plate, compact automatic analyzer and reader for ELISA, ELISA-microarray and CLIA assays that fits on a lab bench. The user-friendly and flexible software is capable of programming a broad range of protocols - Hailstorm® offers automation features previously reserved for instruments many times the price and size!

Key benefits of Hailstorm®:
  • Powerful automation in a small and light instrument
  • Ultimate flexibility with to run virtually any ELISA or CLIA assay with up to eight different protocols in a single batch
  • Intuitive, adaptable software
  • Convection incubator that quickly and uniformly heats each individual reaction well, allowing the Hailstorm® to deliver consistent results
  • No-spill design: keep fluids in the well while vigorously shaking with the fully-integrated and automated orbital shaker
  • Built-in, fully automated ELISA and CLIA reader
  • Slide-in racks utilizing a bar code reader that allow the user to simply place each individual sample in the rack
  • Complete service portfolio - pick the one the best fits your needs!

Read more information in the Hailstorm brochure about this powerful automation solution, including reagents and services.

Are you interested in improving your dog allergy diagnostic workflow? Contact us today!

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