OT-2 Liquid Handler: New Automation Solution for BACGene real-time PCR kits


We are pleased to announce the launch of the OT-2 liquid handler, an automation solution for the BACGene pathogen real-time PCR kit portfolio. The system enables the users to run the full process starting from the sample transfer into a ready-to use prepared lysis plate up to the final transfer of the lysate into the PCR plate – thereby enhancing accuracy in your laboratory, increasing efficiency and optimizing costs:

A heating unit allows the temperature lysis to be run fully hands-free. Furthermore, the robot occupies a small space (63 x 57 x 66 cm) on the lab bench and hence can be easily integrated into the workflow.
We provide a full starter package including all respective modules and pipettes to easily set up the instrument and automatize your BACGene workflow.

Key benefits of OT-2 Liquid Handler:
Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability
  • Reduction of human error – no repeated training needs
  • Increased consistency between runs
Increased efficiency in your laboratory
  • More than 2x higher productivity – per sample/hour
  • Small footprint to run both lysis and PCR preparation
Costs and Resources Optimization
  • Optimized resource planning
  • Frees up your technician by approx. 42 min per full plate

Please visit the OT-2 product page for technical specifications and for the list of validated BACGene real-time PCR kits. Download the flyer or contact us today to learn more about your automatization opportunities!

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