New approvals of GMOs in the European Union


Several genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been approved by the EU commission recently. Find out more about our SMARTCheck GMO solution for the detection of GMOs

Some of the approvals are so-called stacked events, which are a combination of already known events. However, the following GMOs are initial authorisations in the EU:


- Soybean event GMB151, OECD identifier BCS-GM151-6
Traits: insect resistant and herbicide tolerant

- Rapeseed/canola event DP-073496-4, OECD identifier DP-Ø73496-4
Trait: herbicide tolerant

- Cotton event GHB811, OECD identifier BCS-GH811-4
Trait: herbicide tolerant

For the analysis of genetically modified soybean we recommend the Eurofins Technologies SMARTCheck GMO Solution. With only two screening multiplex real-time PCR assays all commercialized gm soy events can be detected. This also includes the newly approved soy event GMB151.

The specific kit for the rapeseed (canola) event DP-073496-4, in combination with the SMARTCheck GMO Solution Canola, also provides complete analytical coverage of commercialized genetically modified rapeseed.

In addition to the new authorizations, the approval of the herbicide tolerant genetically modified soybean event DP-356043-5 (OECD identifier DP-356Ø43-5) expired in the EU. This GMO is no longer allowed in food and a zero tolerance applies. For feed, EU regulation (EU) No 619/2011 applies, which allows levels of DP-356043-5 in feed below a threshold of 0.1%. For food and feed GMO testing Eurofins Technologies offers specific and sensitive qualitative as well as quantitative kits.

You will find our GMO testing kits, available for immediate online purchase, on this page: GMO Testing Solutions

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