New Allergen Lateral Flow Devices to Complete Existing Portfolio


We are pleased to announce the following new allergen lateral flow devices:

  • SENSIStrip Beta-Lactoglobulin
  • SENSIStrip Fish
  • SENSIStrip Lupin
  • SENSIStrip Lysozyme
  • SENSIStrip Ovalbumin
  • SENSIStrip Brazil Nut

Now with the overall 23 SENSIStrip Allergen Lateral Flow Devices available, a comprehensive solution is offered for fast and reliable allergen rapid testing. The SENSIStrip lateral flow devices are easy to use and sensitive tools with very low limits of detection. The kits are provided with all the necessary and ready-to-use material to perform 20 individual analyses per kit, on food matrices or environmental samples. An evaluation card is included to enable a semi-quantitative result, based on the intensity of the test line on the strip.

Additionally, the RapidScan ST5-W Lateral Flow Reader, a highly flexible, portable and accurate imaging platform supports the automated interpretation of the results.

The kits are available for online purchase: Allergen LFD Kits

For more information, download the product flyer or contact us.

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