Launch of DNAllergen real-time PCR kits for the reliable detection of target allergen sequences


We are pleased to announce the launch of the DNAllergen real-time PCR kits, a new product line which completes our allergen testing offer with molecular method. This technique enables the detection of some specific allergens which are not easy to identify by immunoassays (e.g celery), and show no cross-reactivity with related species (e.g. mustard and rapeseed).

Key Benefits of DNAllergen RT-PCR Kits
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Detection of some specific allergens and no cross-reactivity
  • Cost-effective product with 50 reaction formats per kit
  • First option for confirmatory result

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In addition, the GSD DNAllergen kits present several advantages compared with other PCR kits on the market:
  • Different options for DNA extraction (some of them under validation)
  • Compatible with all kinds of cyclers on the market
  • LOQ calculated according to reality: dilutions performed in matrix extracts. No dilution of the inhibitors

DNAllergen Real-Time PCR Kits Product portfolio

Article No. Product Name
HU0030189 DNAllergen Almond
HU0030190 DNAllergen Celery
HU0030191 DNAllergen Fish
HU0030192 DNAllergen Hazelnut
HU0030193 DNAllergen Molluscs
HU0030194 DNAllergen Mustard
HU0030195 DNAllergen Oat
HU0030196 DNAllergen Peanut
HU0030197 DNAllergen Sesame
HU0030198 DNAllergen Soy

Visit the DNAllergen real-time PCR kits product pages for more information and online ordering. Download our product flyer or contact us today to learn more!

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