Launch of 4 new DNAnimal Mplex kits targeting in total 12 animal species


Animal species identification in food and feed products has grown in importance due to public health, economic and legal concerns. As a consequence, a need emerged to specifically and sensitively identify different animal traits within many types of food and feed samples including highly processed food.

Additionally to our portfolio of Simplex DNAnimal kits covering a broad range of common animal species, we developed four new DNAnimal Mplex kits targeting in total 12 animal species. The new Mplex kits are validated for the use of BioRad CFX-cycler using one harmonized thermal profile.

Key Benefits
  • Open real-time PCR platform use
  • Harmonized cycler protocols amongst the different animal target species
  • Multiplex kits to increase efficiency in the laboratory
  • High sensitivity of 0.1% measured in w/w
  • Evaluation tools to facilitate data read-out in the laboratory

New DNAnimal Mplex kits
  • DNAnimal Mplex Goat/Pig/Bison (HU 0070003)
  • DNAnimal Mplex Rabbit/Muscovy Duck/Mallard Duck (HU0070001)
  • DNAnimal Mplex Water buffalo/Turkey/Sheep (HU0070002)
  • DNAnimal Mplex Horse&Donkey/Cattle/Chicken (HU0070004)

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