Gluten detection throughout the production chain – Find your appropriate solution!


Gluten is one of the most challenging ingredients to be controlled in the food industry, as more than 1% of the population is affected by diseases related to gluten intake. To manage any potential contamination of gluten, the food industry needs a global solution which covers allergen management from the raw material to the final product. The R&D experts of Gold Standard Diagnostics have been working on developing and improving the best techniques to detect gluten in all types of food, environmental and rinse water samples.

Key topics:
• The role of gluten as a trigger for different diseases
• Substitutes for gluten: how to maintain high safety levels from the beginning of the production chain
• The importance of gluten detection as part of gluten management
• GSD solution: covering all the steps of the production with the most reliable and innovative solutions
• Q&A

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