Multiple options for different mycotoxin testing needs

The most cost-efficient rapid testing solution is the BZERO mycotoxin ELISA kit line from Eurofins Technologies, a master-curve calibrated portfolio of assays developed to screen for multiple targets. The physical calibration removal is supported by the robustness of the reagents. Analyses become significantly cheaper with these kits, if a few samples are run in the same session.

Additionally, companies performing several verifications for multiple toxins can benefit from shared sample preparation for mycotoxins in cereals, including DON, and use the same extract for several kits. When it comes to aflatoxin M1 research in milk, no sample manipulation is required, as bovine, goat and sheep milk can be run directly in the assay with their natural fat content.

Automation to improve lab efficiency

Automated ELISA processing saves significant work time in the laboratory and delivers accurate results, which is especially important during high-volume periods. The BZERO kits are validated for the BoltTM, a compact, flexible, easy-to-use, walk-away automatic analyser, also provided by Eurofins Technologies. The BoltTM supports all the ELISA processing steps in a fully walk-away mode, releasing an automatic report. The strict validation protocol eliminates all potential errors.

A full solution: automation and large-size kits with no calibration curves

The whole platform of B ZERO kits for mycotoxins have been validated on the Bolt: B ZERO AFLA B1, B ZERO DON v2, B ZERO FUMO, B ZERO OCHRA, B ZERO T2 and B ZERO ZEA. Using the large-size format of these kits, 192 wells, leads to considerable cost saving, whilst the automation provide further benefits.

Automated processes are an advantage for low-to-medium analytical volumes, especially for mix-and-match sessions, as the instrument can autonomously run up to four compatible methods of the same line in one frame, without mismatching reagents or getting stuck in multiple parallel sessions. The same robot can potentially analyse any kind of ELISAs for different targets. Field application teams are able to install a BoltTM unit and get the analysis started in around three hours, with no need for onsite method adjustment or validation. 

Available mycotoxin kits on the BoltTM ELISA analyzer

The list of mycotoxin kits currently validated on the BoltTM includes:

  • • I’screen AFLA M1, I’screen AFLA M1 milk AOAC approved and B ZERO AFLA M1 for aflatoxin M1 milk analysis;
  • • Celer AFLA B1, Celer AFLA, Celer DON v3, Celer FUMO, Celer OCHRA, Celer T2 and Celer ZEA;
  • • B ZERO AFLA B1, B ZERO DON v2, B ZERO FUMO, B ZERO OCHRA, B ZERO T2, B ZERO ZEA for mycotoxins analysis in cereals and vegetable matrices.


For more information, visit the mycotoxins and The Bolt pages.