GSD NovaType Select is a group of RT-PCR assays to discriminate variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This assay family provides the opportunity to assemble a customized RT-PCR assay mutation panel from a selection of primers and probes.


Gold Standard Diagnostics Europe is pleased to announce the launch of the following products:

GSD NovaType Select P681R SARS-CoV-2
Order No. PCOV681R- Format: 1 x 96  reactions

GSD NovaType Select P681H SARS-CoV-2
Order No. PCOV681H- Format: 1 x 96  reactions

GSD NovaType Select F490S SARS-CoV-2
Order No. PCOV490S- Format: 1 x 96  reactions

These mutations represent new threats in the pandemic situation: P681R, present in Delta variant, is associated with increased infectivity; P681H, present in Mu variant, is potentially responsible for faster transmission; F490S, present in Lambda variant, is related to higher infectivity and it is more resistance to neutralizing bodies compared to other variants.

Mutations associated with variants detected by NovaType Select kits:


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