Molecular Biology Training

Molecular Biology Training

Eurofins GeneScan Technologies has long-term experience in the development, validation and production of real-time PCR and conventional PCR kits in the fields of Food and Plant Pathogens, GMOs and Animal and Plant Species. Our highly skilled specialists are ready to guide you through the implementation of PCR testing solutions, PCR lab design and contamination prevention.


Customized practical and theoretical on-site trainings offered for lab personal and managers on GMO and pathogen analysis using Eurofins Technologies GeneScan kits.


Free monthly webinars provided for lab managers, technicians and sales representatives about GMO and pathogen analysis. For recorded webinars, visit the Eurofins Academy page.

Technical Consultation

Learn how to:

  • Set up a molecular biology testing lab
  • Implement fast and efficient food pathogen kits
  • Prevent contamination

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