MilliDrop AzurEvo

The AzurEvo is a revolutionary microbiology screening platform, enabling high-throughput phenotyping on a large variety of micro-organisms. Based on MilliDrop proprietary technology, it enables generation of up to 2000 droplets from as many as 700 conditions while supporting the growth of the encapsulated micro-organisms. The droplets are incubated between 17 and 50°C from a few hours to a few days, with frequent analysis using up to 5 channels of measurements (OD / Fluorescence / Respiration / pH..)

The AzurEvo is a versatile instrument that can notably be used for:

  • Creation and study of micro-communities
  • Screening of large database of micro-organisms
  • Isolation and study of complex communities
  • Selection and recovery of the most relevant phenotypes with enrichment


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The MilliDrop AzurEvo is a compact and automated screening system, comprised of a fluidics module (generation of droplets / sorting of droplets of interest), an incubator to support the growth and a series of optical modules for a large number of analysis options. The machine is manufactured by Gold Standard Diagnostics, and is tuned specifically for each user to ensure perfect compatibility with the intended use.

The technology is based on the generation of microliter droplets out of 96 or 384 well plates. Droplets are generated inside a capillary with a continuous layer of oil carrying the train of hundreds of droplets, each one separated from the other thanks to an air bubble. This helps:

  • Avoiding droplets from merging thanks to the bubble
  • Avoiding any contact between the tip and the solutions, making the droplet generation very fast
  • Allowing for perfect aerobia in each droplet thanks to gas exchanges between the bubbles and the droplets
  • Tip-free pipetting
  • Reagents amounts are cut

The AzurEvo comes with its analysis software Darwin, allowing for recovery and advanced analysis of all data while the experiment is running and afterwards, to follow each droplet in details and make sure the experiment is following its course.


SKU MilliDrop
Input sample 96 well-plate / 384 well-plate
Number of replicates up to 10 per well / up to 2000 total droplets*
Sorting capabilities pooling possible with up to 15 droplets per well / up to 192 sorting wells
Incubation temperature 17°C to 50°C
Optics wavelength 365 / 430 / 490 / 565 / custom available
Power supply 110 / 230 V (to specify)
Dimensions (mm) 604 / 630 / 711 (height / depth / width)
Weight max. 120 kg
Language English
CE marked Yes
Services yearly maintenance service contract available
*the achievable number of droplets is correlated with the organism growth speed and the required length of experiment. A protocol is designed by MilliDrop for each experiment required.
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