The BOLTTM, a one-plate ELISA+CLIA processor, shares many features of the ThunderBolt®, with a more customizable, lower throughput and cost-effective design. The interactive user-friendly software provides a simple laboratory experience for instrument operation. The BoltTM is manufactured by Gold Standard Diagnostics.

We offer multiple ELISA assays validated on The BoltTM, from the following product lines:

  • SENSISpec Allergen ELISA Kits
  • BACSpec Pathogen ELISA Kits
  • Environment & Water ELISA Kits
  • Celer Mycotoxin ELISA Kits
  • BZERO Mycotoxin ELISA Kits
  • I’screen AFLA M1, I’screen AFLA M1 milk AOAC approved Mycotoxin ELISA Kits
  • Veterinary Drug Residues ELISA kits

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The BOLTTM one-plate ELISA+CLIA analyzer is smart, compact, LIMS compatible, and highly precise open system that is able to automatically manage all the steps of any plate-based assay from premixing to final data handling.
For GSD ELISA kits, validated protocols have already been arranged and are ready-to-be transferred to the customer’s instrument, while customized methods can be developed and validated following given specifications.

Routine maintenance and support are provided with pre-aligned, transparent plans and premium packages to ensure the service.

SKU 00500 (ELISA); 00500-CL (ELISA+CLIA)
Sample Capacity Up to 96 samples
System Architecture Open, fully customizable
Reagent Positions 9 custom reagent positions (22-35 mm diameter bottles accepted)
Incubation temperature Room temperature to 40°C
Spectrophotometer 405, 450, 490, 550 and 630 nm wavelengths standard (custom available), 0 to 3.0 OD
Chemiluminescence Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) Detection type: glow Spectral range: 300-500 nm Dark count: 50 counts per second (standard) Measuring time: 200 ms (adjustable 1 to 1000 ms) Dynamic range: 6 decades (*optional configuration)
Power Supply 100-265V
Dimensions W: 48.3 cm, D: 53.3 cm, H: 55.8 cm (fits on a 60 cm deep standard laboratory bench)
Language Multi-language support
Services 00400 - CuM ELISA method development and verification for customer’ specifications
00400 - DE Installation and training at customer’s site
00500 - MA Regular preventive maintenance, to be done regularly every 6 months
00400 - FA On-site extraordinary intervention
00400 - Plus 2-years premium assistance package including 4 maintenance interventions, 1 extra on-site session, all spare parts included, remote assistance and training, priority phone line
Kit Specifications
00500 (ELISA); 00500-CL (ELISA+CLIA)
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