INgezim PPA DAS 96 tests

INgezim PPA DAS is an enzymatic assay based on the Double Antibody Sandwich ELISA technique, which uses monoclonal antibodies (MAb) specific to the African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) VP72 protein.


This kit is based on a double antibody sandwich enzymatic immunoassay (DAS or capture Elisa). We make a brief description of the technique bellow: The plate is coated with a specific monoclonal antibody (Mab) to VP73 of the ASFV. In this way when a sample is added into the wells, if they contain antigen, the coated Mabs will catch it. After washing a second Mab to VP73 (specific for a different epitope) conjugated with Peroxidase, is added. If there is antigen captured into the well, the conjugate (Mab, labelled with peroxidase) will bind it and the peroxidase action will be detected after adding the adequate substrate. Samples to be used in the assay could be any tissue suspected to be infected. For diagnoses purposes, we recommend to use as sample, blood, spleen or lymphatic nodes (tissues in which viral concentration could be high).

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