Streamline your soy allergen detection process by using the new and enhanced ELISA kit for Total Soy Protein

Soybeans can be found in many unexpected, processed foods, such as condiments, flavouring, meat substitutes, frozen meals, etc. Consequently, a sensitive detection systems for soy residues in food¬stuffs is required. Some of the currently existing kits in the market only detect the Soy Trypsin Inhibitor, which implies some limitations, as the use of conversion factors to obtain the final value in Total Soy Protein.

For this reason, Eurofins Immunolab - a biotechnology company with a wide experience in food allergen analysis and part of Eurofins Technologies group - has performed the development of the assay and launched its new kit of Soy Protein Total ELISA, an enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative detection of soy protein in food and swab samples. The test is based on antibodies raised against hydrolyzed soy protein, which represent the most variety of manufacturing processes. As such, it is a suitable assay for the quantification of processed protein residues in baby food, cookies, cereals, ice cream, chocolate, instant meal and sausage. As an additional advantage, compared with competitors ELISA kits for processed soy detection, the assay shows no cross-reactivity with any other legumes.

The kit is provided in both, 96 and 48 wells format, and includes all necessary reagents. With a Limit of Quantification of 2 ppm, it is one of the most sensitive kits in the market, creating additional safety for consumers with soy allergy.

This new and enhanced kit is a key component of the Eurofins Technologies allergen management product line, which covers a very comprehensive range of parameters.

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