Fast and reliable allergen detection with our new and improved Lateral Flow Devices!

Managing food allergies usually means completely eliminating the allergen from one’s diet. To achieve this, consumers rely on clear labelling and traceability throughout the entire food production process, from raw material to the final product.

The SENSIStrip Allergen kits are based on the concept of an immunoassay, an easy-to-use and quick method that requires only a few minutes of incubation time. This enables adequate allergen control at different stages of the food manufacturing process, across food matrices, rinse water and equipment.  

With low detection limits and accessibility (the kit does not require the expertise of highly-qualified staff to operate it), the SENSIStrip Allergen kits are the perfect tool to control potential cross-contamination with food allergens, allowing for quick screening of raw materials, the production process and the final product. This avoids the external analyses and thus considerably reduces the time taken to release a food product batch to market.

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Easy to use and quick method

The kits are provided with all the necessary and ready-to-use material to perform analysis across 20 individual tests per kit, on food matrices or environmental samples. In addition, an evaluation card is included to enable a semi-quantitative result, based on the intensity of the test line on the strip.

These new and enhanced kits are a key component of the Eurofins Technologies allergen management product line, which covers a very comprehensive range of parameters.

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