Are you looking for a faster and more reliable Gluten ELISA kit which is

• Based on R5 antibody, recommended by Codex Alimentarius?

• Approved by AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested MethodsSM Program and validated for ISO 17025 accredited laboratories?

One of the most sensitive test in the market with a great dynamic range (3-200 ppm of gluten)?

• Suitable for your automation needs?

• Including non-toxic extraction buffer?

Then your choice for gluten testing is: SENSISpec INgezim Gluten R5 ELISA Kit (96 wells)

The SENSISpec INgezim Gluten R5 test method has been evaluated and approved by the AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested MethodsSM Program for use with gluten free bread, oat flour and stainless steel surfaces, and has been assigned PTM Certification No. 052005.

With its limit of quantification of 3.4 ppm gluten (1.7 ppm gliadin) the SENSISpec Ingezim Gluten R5 Test Kit is one of the most sensitive test kits in the market, creating additional safety for consumers with celiac disease.

The results of the validation study confirm the adequacy of the kit to be used as a reliable tool within an allergen risk management program and a validated assay for ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

Do you want to learn about the procedure of our Gluten ELISA Kit including automation using the ThunderBolt® ELISA processing instrument?

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