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Immunoassay for the quantitative and sensitive screening of Azoxystrobin.

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The Azoxystrobin ELISA is an immunoassay for the quantitative and sensitive screening of Azoxystrobin. This test is suitable for the quantitative and/or qualitative screening of Azoxystrobin in water or wine samples. Samples requiring regulatory action should be confirmed by HPLC, GC/MS, or other conventional methods. The test is a direct competitive ELISA based on the recognition of Azoxystrobin by specific antibodies. Azoxystrobin, when present in a sample, and an Azoxystrobin-HRP analogue competes for the binding sites of the mouse anti-Azoxystrobin antibodies in solution. The Azoxystrobin antibodies are then bound by a second antibody (goat anti-mouse) immobilized on the wells of the microtiter plate. After a washing step and addition of the substrate solution, a color signal is generated. The intensity of the blue color is inversely proportional to the concentration of Azoxystrobin present in the sample. The color reaction is stopped after a specified time and the color is evaluated using an ELISA reader. The concentrations of the samples are determined by interpolation using the standard curve constructed with each run.
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