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The Saxitoxin (PSP) strip test kit is a rapid immunochromatographic test, designed for the semi-quantitative/qualitative detection of saxitoxin in a variety of matrices:

  • • 0.2 ppb to 3 ppb in chlorinated water or freshwater
  • • 2 ppb to 30 ppb seawater
  • • 40 ug/100g to 600 ug/100g for shellfish (following extraction with separate shellfish extraction kit)

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn about the procedure of the Saxitoxin (PSP) strip test kit.


Online purchase of the environmental & water products is available only from Europe or Asia.
US customers shall contact Eurofins Abraxis directly via e-mail or phone +1-215-357-3911.


Our lateral flow test strips are simple to use and provide semi-quantitative/qualitative test results. They are based on the same proven lateral flow immunoassay technology that has been used reliably for decades in a variety of industrial applications. The kits include materials and reagents for sample analysis. Request test kit user guides and/or technical bulletins for detail on additional materials required for sample collection and/or extraction from specific sample matrices.

Positive samples should be confirmed by ELISA, HPLC or other quantitative method.

If testing shellfish, the Shellfish Extraction kit must be used to prepare samples prior to analysis in the test kit.

Key Benefits of the Test Strips

  • • Answers in <1 hour
  • • On-site screening (even in remote areas) for near real-time decisions & actions
  • • No lab skills/experience required to perform the test
  • • Qualitative/semi-quantitative results

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn about the procedure of the Saxitoxin (PSP) strip test kit.

Kit Specifications
Test principle
Immunochromatographic assay on strip
Assay time
less than 1 hour
No. of tests
Product Attachments
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  • pn-520044-520045-psp-strip-test-for-water-flowchart-final.pdf