Listeria trial campaign

Free Listeria Kits - trial campaign

Looking for a faster and more reliable in-house Listeria testing method? The BACGene Listeria real-time PCR kits from Eurofins Technologies provide a faster turnaround time and lower false-positive rate.

Now you can try any of our Listeria Real-Time PCR test kits. Hurry up - the offer is limited to one kit per customer and a total of 50 free trial kits will be offered.

The unique BACGene Listeria Multiplex Real-Time PCR kit makes the simultaneous detection of Listeria spp. and L. monocytogenes possible for the same sample. For those who do not need to multiplex, Eurofins Technologies also offers Real-Time PCR kits for single target testing. BACGene Listeria kits are validated by AOAC Research Institute Certification under the Performance Tested MethodsSM Program (PTM) and by AFNOR Certification.

The Listeria kits are validated on robust PCR platforms offered by Agilent (AriaMX) and Bio-Rad (CFX96 Touch). If you don't have these instruments, but still want to evaluate our kits, we're happy to offer demo instruments and can assist with instrument installment and kit evaluation.

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