ELISA Trainings

ELISA Trainings

We offer different ELISA trainings suited to the different needs and diverse levels of technical expertise of our partners. Eurofins Tecna, member of the Eurofins Technologies network, has long-term experience in the development, validation and production of ELISA kits to detect mycotoxins and veterinary drug residues in food and feed. The highly skilled specialists are ready to guide you through the main aspects of the evaluation, validation, accreditation and performance monitoring of immunodiagnostic test kits.


Customized theoretical trainings (basic or advanced level) are offered for laboratory personnel and managers covering mycotoxins and veterinary drug residues analyses using Eurofins Technologies ELISA kits.


Free webinars are regularly provided to lab technicians, managers and sales representatives about new launches and specific products for mycotoxins and veterinary drug residues analyses. Follow the Eurofins Technologies or Eurofins Tecna Linkedin pages to be the first to know about upcoming webinars.

For recorded webinars, visit our Youtube channels: Technologies, Tecna

Technical Consultation

Basic level

  • Concepts of immunometry
  • Practical introduction
  • Video-tutorial / or live session by a technician in the lab
  • Results management
  • Troubleshooting

Advanced level

  • Analytical Chemistry Glossary
  • Evaluation of an ELISA kit
  • Validation of an ELISA kit: mycotoxins and antibiotic residues
  • Accreditation (giving a token to an Accredia speaker)
  • Performance monitoring over time.

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