Cry1Ab LFS kit for Corn

Cry1Ab lateral flow strips (LFS) test kit is intended to be used for the qualitative detection of Cry1Ab protein in individual corn leaf or seed samples. The kit detects Syngenta event Bt 11 and Monsanto event Mon 810. The total incubation time of the assay is 5 minutes.

Please note that the kit is also available in 500, 1000 and 5000 test pack.
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An antibody specific to the Cry1Ab protein molecule is immobilized on the test line area of nitrocellulose membrane. Second antibody specific for Cry1Ab molecule is conjugated with colloidal gold and incorporated in the sample area of lateral flow strip. Anti mouse IgG is immobilized on the control line area of the LFS. When the LFS is placed in the sample extract, the Cry1Ab protein present in the sample extracts binds to the antibody labelled with gold nano particles and the complex moves upward by capillary action. The complex then binds to the antibody coated on the test line resulting in pink/purple color test line. As the complex moves further up, it binds to the control line resulting in pink/purple color control line. In absence of Cry1Ab in the sample, the test line does not appear as no complex binds to the test line while control line turns pink/purple color indicating validity of the test protocol.


The Cry1Ab LFS kit does not cross react with CP4EPSPS (RoundUp Ready**), Cry1F, eCry3.1Ab (AgriSure Duracade), Cry3Bb, Cry2A, Vip3A, Cry34Ab1, Cry35Ab1 or PAT (LibertyLink***).

Kit Specifications
AID 041
No. of tests
Max no. of samples
Qualitative detection of Cry1Ab protein in individual corn leaf or seed samples.
Relevant species
Individual corn leaf or seed samples.
Time to Result
5 min
Kit components
Cry1Ab LFS strips 50 strips in one canister: Two canisters per kit; Extraction buffer: Two vials of 50 ml each (Ready to use), One pack insert, One dropper