Alkylphenols (AP), ELISA, 96-test

Immunoassay for the qualitative screening detection of Alkylphenols (AP)

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The Alkylphenols (AP), ELISA is an immunoassay for the qualitative screening detection of Alkylphenols (AP). -The monoclonal antibody binds exclusively with Alkylphenol(AP) , and doesnot cross-react with other surfactants or compounds of similar structure. -The detection range is between 5μg/L and 500μg/L. A simple concentration protocol based on solid phase extraction is available to determine much lower concentration. -With ease of handling, the total time for measurement is only 2.5 hours. -The kit, a 96-well microplate format, enables simultaneous measurement of multiple samples at more reasonable cost. AP is suspected to be an endocrine disrupting chemicals in many countries. Octylphenol (n=8) and nonylphenol (n=9) are widely used as raw material of surfactants and anti-oxidants. AP is generated by microbial decomposition of ethylene oxide chains in APE, which is widely used as nonionic surfactant. NPnEC, another decomposed product of APE, is also assumed to be a hormone mimicking chemical.
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