Algal Toxin Test Kits

For public water systems, lake managers, government agencies, regional testing programs, communities, and individual researchers requiring near real-time answers to support rapid and informed decision-making that protects public health against the threat of algal toxins, Eurofins Abraxis offers ELISA test kits for fresh and marine water toxins. Our 96-well ELISA plate kits and lateral flow test strips are based on proven, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technology that has been used reliably for decades across a variety of industrial applications requiring rapid, reproducible results to support timely decision-making.

We also offer algal toxin standards and QC materials, testing equipment, and proficiency testing programs to support our customer's testing needs.

Key Benefits of the Algal Toxin ELISA Plate Format and Lateral Flow Strips

ELISA Plates

Lateral Flow Test Strips

  • • Rapid, laboratory-quality analysis
  • • Quantitative results
  • • Answers in approximately 3 – 4 hours
  • • Simple methodology only requires basic lab skills
  • • Fully automated analysis available
  • • Improves turnaround by eliminating shipment delays associated with offsite analysis
  • • Fast, field-friendly screening for on-site decision-making
  • • Semi-quantitative/qualitative results
  • • Answers in <1 hour
  • •  No prior lab experience required
  • •  Field friendly
  • •  No complex or costly equipment required
  • •  Kits conveniently stored at room temperature