AbraMag PCR Clean-Up Magnetic Beads, 450 mL

Magnetic bead mixture designed to purify DNA fragments (e.g. PCR product) >100bp.

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AbraMag PCR Clean-Up Magnetic Beads are designed to purify DNA fragments (e.g. PCR product) >100bp. DNA fragments are reversibly bound to paramagnetic particles while excess primers, salts, enzymes, and free nucleotides are washed away. ● Meant to replace other SPRI magnetic beads at equivalent performance but better value (see Comparison Data). ● Highly efficient removal of contaminants: primers, primer dimers, dNTPs, salts, etc. ● For size cutoff >100bp ● Short processing times: no centrifugation or filtration ● Tube or microplate format ● Suitable for manual or automated process Following the instructions included, the sample is added to the magnetic beads. DNA fragments of the desired size bind to the beads in the presence of the optimized buffer. A magnet is used to secure the beads. Primers and/or other unwanted reagents are washed away in a series of two wash steps, and the DNA fragments are eluted and transferred to a new tube. AbraMag Magnetic Beads are superparamagnetic, non-aggregating iron oxide particles (or ‘microspheres’) for capturing or purifying targets such as proteins, antigens, antibodies, DNA/RNA, cells, and more. AbraMag’s design enables faster binding kinetics, with high sensitivity & selectivity, in many biomedical and research applications—including automated HTS and manual applications. Superior yield, purity, and quality over the leading competitors, all at a better value, because we design and manufacture them in-house. ● Multiple Advantages – Over conventional methods (columns, centrifugation). ● Superior Performance – We've designed them to match or outperform the competition. ● Superior Capacity and Yield – High binding capacity for rapid and efficient target purification. ● Superior Purity – Stable, pre-blocked particles provide clean purification even from complex samples. ● Customizable – We can modify or create to suit your needs."
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